An Open letter to you, dear Citizen of India,

Right, here we are.

Less than a month to go for one of the biggest shows of democracy. Once again, we the people, have been given the opportunity to choose who gets to decide the future of this country for the next five years.

Like it or not, this is it.

  • We are the seventh geographically-largest nation on the surface of the planet.
  • We are home to one-sixth of the world's total population - approximately 120 crores.
  • Approximately 80 percent of this population, i.e. 81.45 crore citizens, is eligible to vote.
  • Around 10 crore voters will be casting their vote for the first time!
  • Unfortunately, around 33 crore of these eligible voters (roughly 40 percent) are likely to NOT vote.

We don't care if you were among the 40 percent until now. We don't care who you want to vote for. All we want you to do is to pledge an oath that you won't be among the 40 percent this year. Take the oath, publish your pledge to your Twitter and Facebook timelines and we will hold you to your word.

Once you have pledged the oath, we'll contact you twice:

  • The first time, the day before the polling date in your constituency, to remind you of your oath.
  • The second time, just after the polling date in your constituency to ask you if you fulfilled your oath.

That's it. You won't hear from us again until the next elections - and that's a promise.


The VoteYatra Team

PS: Could you do us a favor? Get everyone you know to take the pledge. The more the pledges, the greater the success of this endeavor. Simply share this page with everyone you know - Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, you know the drill, don't you? :)

Things to do:

We'll check off these steps one-by-one, as you go along. Just follow the yellow brick road! Good luck!

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